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2022 Highlights

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Our 2022 hackathon was our first in-person hackathon since 2019! We had 68 participants and many great submissions. Not only did we have amazing hackers, but we held many fun events before and even during the hackathon! Check out the highlights of PlutoHacks 2022!


Below are the winners of the hackathon for 2022! We had several categories and sponsor-organized challenges! You can see more information about these categorie & challenges on Devpost or on this page.

1st Place - Humanitarian

Ely Herman
Gustavo Contreras
Olivia Bisset
Ayan Sanaullah

PlutoHelps is a collaboration between robotic engineers to provide humanitarian aid to visually and physically impaired students, with two main projects to back the cause: PlutoREACH, and PlutoVIEW.

2nd Place - Humanitarian

Hugo Medrano
Marita Pérez Díaz
Zachri Hall
Yestin Arvin Gochuico

Pluto Web is a web-based application that simplifies html & css code-writing by generating code from simple English commands.

Best First Time Hack

Jose Uribe
Savva Gurevich
Allison Kehler
Derek Yu

GUI for elderly with a memory board to help them remember things and have daily tasks. It’s also attached with a chat box allowing elderly to communicate or ramble in a chat box.

Best Accessibility Hack

Nelson Diaz
Mark Weissgerber
Makenson Noel
Christian Delvalle

Insight is a program that will revolutionize the way we connect with each other. We are focused on bringing people together through technology.

Miami Dolphins - Sponsor Challenge

Hugo Medrano
Marita Pérez Díaz
Zachri Hall
Yestin Arvin Gochuico

Along with being 2nd Place, Pluto Web was also the most compliant with accessibility standards and was the most digitally accessible project.

Microsoft - Sponsor Challenge

Nelson Diaz
Mark Weissgerber
Makenson Noel
Christian Delvalle

Along with being the Best Accessibility Hack, Insight’s use of the MRTK3 won them the opportunity to showcase their work to a community of educators at Microsoft!


Recordings & Resources

Hackathon Events

Opening Ceremony
XR/Unity Workshop
Digital Accessibility
Women in Tech Panel
GitHub Refresher
How to Use APIs
How to Submit Project

Pre-Hackathon Workshops

Microsoft VR/AR Demo
Web Dev 101
GitHub Basics
JavaScript Essentials
Work with WordPress
Prototyping with Figma
3D Modeling in Blender
React JS Workshop