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Our 2021 hackathon is the first hackathon we’ve had under the name PlutoHacks. Previously, we went by BC Hackathon. This year was the year we held the hackathon virtually through Discord and Zoom, and below are the remnants that showcase the winners and all of the other events that happened throughout the weekend of October 22-24.



Earthlings is an android-based application that will show you the location of all garbage cans. When launching the app, you will be greeted by a map displaying every garbage bin on it.

inChess Broward

inChess Broward is a web app to get the community together in games of chess. Anyone can easily find a location on the Broward College Central Campus to schedule a chess game based on their preferred skill level. Also, this app will keep track of winners on the leaderboard. inChess Broward will bring new friends together and develop analytical skills.


ViLePanion┬áprovides the student with a survey to determine the student’s suitable percentage for each learning style and conducts a result of which learning style suits the student the best. The student can do research and study the materials from the teachers on the website that are sorted according to the survey’s result percentage.

Snaga Pack

Snaga Pack is a webapp that makes handling and distributing food donations easier–for both food banks and the community members that rely on them.

Recordings & Resources

Opening Ceremony | Recording

Agile Workshop | Recording

Git Workshop | Recording

Hack the Technical Interview | Recording

Prototyping with Figma | Recording

Imposter Syndrome Presentation | Recording

Android Development Workshop | Recording

HTML & CSS Workshop | Recording

Women in Tech Panel | Recording

Flask Workshop | Recording