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October 21-22, 2022 + In-Person
Broward College – Central Campus


What’s our hackathon all about?

PlutoHacks is a 24 hour in-person event where hackers will take a trip through the different stages of growth- from beginner, to expert, and everything in between. We give you the tools to build something great and the space to learn, iterate and evolve your idea. Our event will bring together people of all different backgrounds to learn and grow their skills, collaborate and make something awesome.

We all start from somewhere. You might start out thinking you’re dwarf planet, but after this event, you’ll realize that you’re a whole other planet. We want you to learn something new, achieve something you’ve never done before, and make awesome ideas happen! We are here for the creators, thinkers, and doers of this world.


Join our Hackathon as a…


As a hacker, you can attend the hackathon and create an application, web project, mobile app, game or even a hardware project! See our FAQs for more information!


As a mentor, you’ll have the pleasure of interacting with our hackers and acting as a helping hand when they encounter a bump in the road.


Sponsoring for PlutoHacks is a great opportunity for you to show your support for the South Florida tech community, promote company branding, and make your products and services visible to all hackathon audiences.


Volunteering at our event will expose you to our community of hackers, partners, and so many great people! We need help with registration, setting up food, and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "hackathon"?

A hackathon is a common event hosted by companies or schools where students come together to collaborate on a project. You can create a web project, prototype, mobile app, game, or even a hardware project. You can think of it as a coding marathon. Anything can be built. There are usually categories or "tracks" in a hackathon that can help you scope your project to a problem that needs to be solved.

Where and when is PlutoHacks?

Our hackathon will be happening from October 21 to October 22, 2022. This hackathon is open to all students in the United States, but in-person participation is required. Our opening ceremony, workshops, events, and closing ceremony will also be live on Zoom and recorded.

We will not be accepting any submissions from those not participating in person unless you are a Broward College satellite student. Our time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

Is there a theme for this hackathon?

Every year we have different categories and challenges for the hackathon. You will find out about them during the opening ceremony. All of the challenges will be documented in our Devpost page, which will go live during the opening ceremony.

What are the categories/prizes?

All of the categories and prizes will be announced during the opening ceremony.

How can I become a sponsor?

If you are interested in sponsoring our event, please check out this page, and fill out the application at the bottom!

How much experience do I need?

You don't need any experience to participate in our hackathon. We welcome students of all skill levels and academic backgrounds. We will have workshops prior to and during the hackathon as well as mentors available to provide help and guidance with your project.

All hackathon teams look different. You can be a programmer, a graphic expert, or even just someone with an idea!

How many hackers does PlutoHacks usually have?

Last year we had over 300 hackers during our virtual hackathon, so we can't wait to see you and your project this year in person!

What do I need to bring?

We recommend bringing your own laptop. If you do not have your own device, you may use our limited supply of laptops. We highly recommend using your own device, that way you don't need to wait to install any software. Since this is a 24 hour hackathon, we also suggest bringing toiletries, blankets, or whatever reasonable item you need to be comfortable here!

Will we get swag?

You will get a swag package when you check in. We will only be shipping the swag packages if you are a Broward College satellite student.

What about food?

We will be serving food throughout the event- free of cost! Our wonderful sponsors handle the expenses for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner!

How much does it cost?

Nothing. PlutoHacks is a free event for all those that wish to participate! Everything is funded by our sponsors.

How can I prepare for the hackathon?

We have created a hacker guide for all hackers. It will be available upon your registration acceptance.

Prior to the hackathon, we will also be having workshops on a variety of different topics that can help prepare you for the event. These workshops will be virtual and recorded.

What time do we start hacking?

You can visit our schedule here.

We will have an opening ceremony and closing ceremony, and there will be workshops and mini-events that will happen throughout the day.

Do I need to have a group?

You can either work solo or in a team. If you are working in a team, teams can have no more than four members. You can create or join teams prior to the hackathon, but we will also have a team formation session during the hackathon.

We do not force the creation of teams according to skill. We encourage you to make use of our #team-formation channel in our Discord server.

Who can attend PlutoHacks?

Our event is eligible to all students (undergraduate and below) in the United States who attend in person. We are also admitting Broward College satellite students. You must currently be a student or have graduated within a year. If you are under 18, you will have to fill out a waiver form when you register.

Can I start later on in the hackathon?

Life happens— come when you can and join a team! It's all about learning and enjoying the experience.

Where can I see past submissions?

We have recorded all of our 2021 winning submissions on this page. You can also see all of the submissions in the 2021 Devpost

Can I submit old projects?

No. All submissions must be original creations that were made during the timeframe of our event. You can not post any projects that were made prior to the hackathon. We do not allow cross submissions. We do check for this, so if you don't follow these rules we will not consider your submission.

Can I use a boilerplate?

Yes. A boilerplate is essentially a starter project that can be generated from different libraries or frameworks. As long as your project doesn't center around the boilerplate, you may use them. Use caution when using boilerplates, as judges can disqualify your project.

Who can I reach out to with questions?

You can reach us at or you can reach out to an organizer on our Discord server by tagging @organizer.

How do I use Discord?

Since Discord is where we hold all communication, you should familiarize yourself with the platform. Visit this link to get a basic understanding of how Discord works!


Our categories will be announced during the Opening Ceremony on Friday, October 21 at 1 PM EST.


We will have workshops and events during the hackathon as well as prior to the hackathon! Take a look at the schedules for the weeks before the hackathon as well as the schedule during the hackathon.

Pre-Hackathon Workshops

Friday, October 7 + In-Person & Online

Afternoon - 4 PM to 7 PM

Microsoft VR/AR Demo

Denise Mendez from Microsoft is coming to inTech for PlutoHacks! Come witness and learn what Microsoft has up their sleeve!


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Hosted by

In-person meetings will be taking place at Broward College Central Campus Building 13, Room 105.

Saturday, October 15 + Online

Morning - 9 AM to 12 PM

Web Dev 101

Learn the basics of web development with this introductory workshop. Perfect for beginners, you’ll learn HTML, CSS and a little bit of JavaScript to create a good-looking webpage.

Zoom link coming soon!

JavaScript Essentials

JavaScript is the universal language of the web. It's the element that brings functionality to your webpage. Join this workshop to explore all the possibilities that JavaScript can bring to your website or application!


3D Modeling in Blender

You are the master of your own 3D universe when you learn to 3D model and rig your own characters with Blender!

Zoom link coming soon!

GitHub Basics

GitHub is the best tool for develoeprs to collaborate on a project. In this workshop you'll learn how it is used to speed up code reviews, merge code from different developers, and track version history! When hacking, this is your go-to tool!

Zoom link coming soon!

Afternoon - 1 PM to 5 PM

Work with WordPress

WordPress is an easy, user-friendly way to set up and maintain a website. In this workshop you'll learn how to install WordPress on a host and create your own customized pages and posts!

Zoom link coming soon!

React JS

In this workshop you'll learn how to make web applications using React JS. You will learn the basics of components, how React elements communicate with one another, and how to interact with web APIs to create dynamic content for your application.

Zoom link coming soon!

Prototyping with Figma

Figma shares projects, files, pages, and frames with anyone that has permission. Learn to create and prototype your projects to demonstrate your amazing ideas!

Zoom link coming soon!

Hackathon Schedule

Friday, October 21

12:00 PM - Check-in + Lunch
1:00 PM - Opening Ceremony

During the opening ceremony, PlutoHacks will be officially introduced and the prizes and categories will be announced!

Location: Building 13 Room 132 + Zoom link coming soon!

2:00 PM - Hacking Starts!
Workshops & Events coming soon!
6:00 PM - Dinner

Saturday, October 22

12:00 AM - Midnight Pizza
7:30 AM - Breakfast
11:30 AM - Lunch
2:00 PM - Submission Deadline
2:30 PM - Judging Begins
3:30 PM - Deliberation Begins
4:30 PM - Closing Ceremony

During the closing ceremony, we will conclude the hackathon and announce the winners and hand out all the prizes.

Zoom link coming soon!


All of the funding for our hackathon are thanks to the following sponsors!

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